Research suggests when people align their strengths with their goals, they are much more likely to achieve them. And when people realize their goals, they tend to be happier and more fulfilled with the result. Do you know your leadership strengths? Do you know how to use these strengths to drive and influence your employees? Are you using them to your maximum advantage? In this keynote, discover how to use your sources of influence to seize opportunities and become an extraordinary leader.


Overview of Keynote

Leadership is the process of influencing people; it’s all about motivating and affecting the behaviours of others. So, how do your leaders motivate their entire team to move forward towards the same vision when their employees are so diverse and have a wide range of skill sets and confidence levels?

The answer is – it depends; there is no one-size-fits-all leadership model. Research shows that employees need different levels of direction and support depending on their level of competence and commitment.  The most effective leaders adapt their style to fit the situation and the performance needs of the employee they are attempting to influence. The problem is that most managers have only one leadership style that they apply to everyone in every situation.

But, strong influential leaders know how to influence each person by giving that employee exactly what they need when they need it.  They offer guidance, caring, and autonomy, and provide just the right amount of direction and support to help each team member succeed.  Influential leaders know in order to achieve great outcomes they need to flex their leadership style, depending upon whom they are working with and what the task is.  

In this keynote, we will introduce the major sources of influence in the workplace and share how and when to use those sources of influence.   We will explore how to align your leadership style to seize upon opportunities and turn the ordinary employee into an extraordinary leader.




The major sources of influence and understand when to use them.



About different leadership styles and when each style is most effective.



The different methods that are most impactful when influencing teams.



An awareness of personal leadership styles and how to best develop them,


Great leaders can come from anywhere, and be anyone, but they all have one important thing in common, and that is their ability to relate with other people.

Tenacious leaders can energize and motivate people. They are able to create a connection, and this is why a leader who understands the importance of emotional intelligence will often have a considerable advantage.

There is no one best leadership style, as it is dependent upon an individual’s level of ability and willingness to complete the specific task.   But many managers make the mistake to use one style across all employees. Influential leaders need to connect with each member of their team and match their leadership behaviours with the performance needs of each employee they are attempting to influence.  They need to understand their team members.

Managers need the skills to diagnose each situation and then the ability to adapt their style to the performance needs of others.   This equips leaders in organizations with the tools necessary to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global economy.

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