How is it almost 2024? Where did the time go? As I gear up for the new year, I’ve been reflecting on my personal journey this past year. Doing so has helped me realize what I did well and what could have been done better. This newfound clarity will guide me in 2024 as I set new, intentional and realistic goals.

Let’s recap my personal wins and learn from my misses in 2023 together!


More optimism. To manage my generalized anxiety, this year marked a pivotal shift as I actively embraced optimism. I decided to break free from the grip of my fears and trust in the power of positivity. A big photoshoot became the canvas for this transformation. Instead of micromanaging every detail, I relinquished control and entrusted my incredible team and the photography crew. The result was nothing short of magical, and since then, having a “glass-half-full” mentality has been a game-changer.

More independence. I have a newfound sense of self-reliance. It’s been a constant battle in my life, but this year, I’ve surprised myself by trying to trust my own judgments and make my own decisions without asking for reassurance. And it didn’t stop there! I’ve also been doing more things on my own, like going to local events, and it’s been empowering.  This newfound independence has been a source of strength and a testament to the growth achieved through challenging my own self-limiting beliefs.

More flexibility. I took my love for travel to the next level by embracing the flexibility of working virtually. As the owner of a remote company, I was inspired by my team members’ ability to work from all over the world, and I knew it was time to experience that same sense of freedom firsthand. Venturing into the world with my laptop in tow has indeed been life-changing, allowing me to blend work with the thrill of personal exploration. This decision has opened doors and added a vibrant tapestry of experiences for both work and play.


More time to unplug. I tried my best to disconnect from work while on vacation, but it did not always work. Looking back, I realize I could’ve asked my team for more support to help me better organize my workload beforehand. I also could’ve avoided planning to complete projects so close to my trips. It’s important to take a break and let your mind recharge.  As I step into 2024, I intend to forge a stronger boundary between my work and personal life, prioritizing moments to fully disconnect from work and reconnect with myself. 

More quality time. While I managed to do more personal trips with my loved ones this year, I realize there is still room for improvement. In the pursuit of living a more balanced life, I’ve come to understand that it’s not just about those grand vacations but also the everyday moments that add spice to life. I could’ve sprinkled in more local outings, crafted spontaneous “stay-cation” activities during my evenings or weekends, and carved out more time for myself, family, and friends to truly unwind and do what I enjoy doing on a weekly basis.

More physical activity. Staying active has been an important goal this year, and despite the whirlwind of my hectic schedule, I was determined to make it happen. Despite taking the crucial step of joining a gym, I’ve come to realize that the key lies in consistent attendance. It’s not just about having a membership; it’s about showing up regularly to witness the results I’m striving for. In this moment of reflection, I’m making a personal commitment to integrate working out into my weekly ritual and carving out time for my health.

I hope this has inspired you to take some time to reflect on your year as well. Every experience we have, good or bad, teaches us valuable lessons that we can use to make the most of the new year. So, what did you learn in 2023 that will help you gear up for an even better 2024?

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