Watch Carolyn in action, read our latest blog, or see how Carolyn has become such an influential leader in this space of Emotional Intelligence.

Watch Carolyn in action, read our latest blog, or see how Carolyn has become such an influential leader in this space of Emotional Intelligence.

Carolyn Stern


Check out Carolyn's latest feature articles talking about insights from her book, training programs, and upcoming projects.

Inc. Magazine

This Inc. Magazine article perfectly captures the beauty of my six-step self-coaching model. You can add in your own hard-earned wisdom and insights from the field and really make it your own. Read more to discover 6 tips to improve your leadership skills with EI.

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B2B News Network

Sill not convinced of why we need emotional intelligence in the workplace? If you prefer seeing numbers, read this B2B News Network article to learn a few of the stats behind why emotional intelligence is critical in leadership and business—they are pretty eye-opening!

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Forbes Magazine

Emotions are our superpower and the universal language that connects us all. Read this Forbes Magazine article to learn why leaders don’t need to be their employees’ emotional therapists—and what to do instead for effective inside-out leadership.

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Carolyn Stern

TV Interviews

Daytime Chicago

Strengthening relationships can be tough, but it helps to know and understand yourself from the inside out first.

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Global BC News

Carolyn Stern of EI Experience explains what emotional intelligence is, why it’s important and how you can develop it.

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Carolyn Stern

Podcast Interviews

Transform Your Workplace

In this episode, host Tim Reitsma is joined by Carolyn Stern to have an honest conversation about digging into our emotions, seeking feedback from others, and how we can become emotionally strong leaders.

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Long-Distance Worklife

Stern joins Wayne to discuss her new book. They discuss why showing emotion as a leader is actually a good thing and not a sign of weakness as well as how to do that effectively within your organization.

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Carolyn Stern

Radio Interviews

Working on Purpose

Emotions provide color in our lives. They are also a tremendous source of data from which we can learn to improve the quality of our decisions.

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Workplace Wisdom

Carolyn Stern joins Stone Payton to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence training in the workplace.

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Carolyn Stern

Video Highlights

Watch Carolyn in action as she shares her insights on how to lead with a strong mind and a kind heart while using a set of clear, simple, and tested skills and strategies.

The Brand

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Neptune Terminals

“Carolyn’s ability to recognize both emotional deficiencies and strengths in a group of “know it all” executives, and then to manage, direct and coach us to understand our team’s emotional strengths and to overcome our individual weaknesses is both awesome and unnerving.”

⸺ JURGEN FRANKE, Director, Engineering & Projects

Fraser Surrey Docks

“Carolyn’s ability to make people feel comfortable really helps a business... it allows people to be vulnerable, be open, show what they have to offer. We don’t want cookie-cutter employees; we want to leverage people's strengths and having the comfort to talk about who you really are and what you bring to the table and has really benefited our organization”

⸺ JILL BUCHANAN, Director, Human Resources & Communications


Ignite Management Services Ltd.

“She has internalized the constructs and principles of emotional intelligence. She believes it so passionately, for all the right reasons. She brings that in such a compelling way that you can’t fight back, you have to embrace it.”

⸺ MIKE WATSON, Principal



“We found Carolyn to be very engaging as a speaker. She had people participating, she had people laughing, she was very authentic in the stories she told. Very engaging and entertaining.”

⸺ JOLIE WIST, General Manager, Human Resources


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