Watch Carolyn in action, read our latest blog, or see how Carolyn has become such an influential leader in this space of Emotional Intelligence.

Watch Carolyn in action, read our latest blog, or see how Carolyn has become such an influential leader in this space of Emotional Intelligence.

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Check out Carolyn in the latest news talking about her insights from her book, training programs, and upcoming projects.

Forbes Magazine

Not dealing with emotions hurts us, our people, and our organizations. This article highlights Carolyn’s intake on improving decision-making skills through her six-step process for emotional intelligence in leadership, the cornerstone of her upcoming book, The Emotionally Strong Leader: An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership.

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It’s no secret that workplace norms have changed drastically over the last couple of decades, and COVID-19 has accelerated that process, leaving everyone to wonder what the future holds for how and where we work. "The future of work depends on developing leadership with emotional intelligence." This article offers Carolyn's take on what leaders can do.

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"Before we are employees, managers, or senior leaders, we are human." Learning how to identify feelings, accept them and act accordingly can become your biggest tool for success. Check out this early release excerpt of The Emotionally Strong Leader to get a sneak peek and learn more about how emotions are your superpower.

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The Good Men Project

The Emotionally Strong Leader is the ultimate guide for leaders wanting to embrace their emotions and turn them into unparalleled strengths. If you want to grow and scale your business, you must learn to develop your Emotional Intelligence. Click here to read more about how to build collaborative workplace relationships.

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Real Leaders

Not dealing with emotions hurts us, our people and our organizations. Worse, it gets in the way of our success. This article provides an insightful summary of Carolyn's six-step process for leaders to enhance their emotional intelligence. Check it out to learn about each step and what five distinct areas of Emotional Intelligence they address.

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Small Business Currents

“Leadership is not just a job we do; being a leader isn’t any different than being ourselves." Carolyn's latest article on Small Business Currents shares her insights on how to be your true self as a leader - and move from employing to empowering your people - for a kinder and more compassionate work environment that drives results.

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Time is up for the irreproachable leader whose very presence can cause waves of terror among employees. "Trust bonds are some of the strongest and most crucial when building dynamic, equitable relationships." Click here to learn why time is up for stoic leadership and how you can become an Emotionally Strong Leader.

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Authority Magazine

In her latest interview with Authority Magazine, Carolyn shared her take on the five most important things a business leader can do to lead with emotional intelligence and intentionality during uncertain and turbulent times. Read this article to find out how these insights will help you best support your team to be all that they can be. 

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Bud to Boss

“If you want to be an ‘Emotionally Strong Leader,’ a person who can create trust bonds and deeper connections, motivate others and build high-performing teams, then you need to develop your EI.” Learn how to increase your emotive communication skills for a deeper, more productive connection with the people you lead in Carolyn's recent guest blog.

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Vancouver Sun Interview

Check out Carolyn’s interview with the Vancouver Sun explaining how COVID-19 provided an opportunity for our younger generations to learn how to be emotionally resilient.

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University Affairs Interview

Carolyn shares, with University Affairs Magazine, how using your emotions like data, grad students and leaders alike will be able to boost productivity, engagement, and overall well-being.

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Leadership Edge Article

Check out Carolyn’s interview and podcast with The Leader's Edge Magazine where she shares the importance of honing your emotional intelligence skills in a COVID-19 world.

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Highlights & Reels

Watch Carolyn in action as she shares her insights on how to lead with a strong mind and a kind heart while using a set of clear, simple, and tested skills and strategies.

The Brand

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Neptune Terminals

“Carolyn’s ability to recognize both emotional deficiencies and strengths in a group of “know it all” executives, and then to manage, direct and coach us to understand our team’s emotional strengths and to overcome our individual weaknesses is both awesome and unnerving.”

⸺ JURGEN FRANKE, Director, Engineering & Projects

Fraser Surrey Docks

“Carolyn’s ability to make people feel comfortable really helps a business... it allows people to be vulnerable, be open, show what they have to offer. We don’t want cookie-cutter employees; we want to leverage people's strengths and having the comfort to talk about who you really are and what you bring to the table and has really benefited our organization”

⸺ JILL BUCHANAN, Director, Human Resources & Communications


Ignite Management Services Ltd.

“She has internalized the constructs and principles of emotional intelligence. She believes it so passionately, for all the right reasons. She brings that in such a compelling way that you can’t fight back, you have to embrace it.”

⸺ MIKE WATSON, Principal



“We found Carolyn to be very engaging as a speaker. She had people participating, she had people laughing, she was very authentic in the stories she told. Very engaging and entertaining.”

⸺ JOLIE WIST, General Manager, Human Resources


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