Carolyn Stern is a popular leadership keynote speaker for conferences, training events and tradeshows. Scroll down to review what some recent clients have to say about Carolyn’s approach.



Principal of Ignite Management Services Ltd.

What outcomes have you seen in your clients?

“The effects of the work that Carolyn has done with my clients has been profound. I have watched people who were viewed as closed and untrustworthy open up and perceptions of them change dramatically. Their core values are the same as they always were, in fact, they are more true to their values than they ever were, but they have let people in, and when they let people in it changes everything.”

What is unique about Carolyn’s expertise in emotional intelligence?

“She has internalized the constructs and principles of emotional intelligence. She believes it so passionately, for all the right reasons, she brings that in such a compelling way that you can’t fight back, you have to embrace it.”

What is Carolyn’s key differentiator?

“There are so many people out there that profess to be experts in EQ and Carolyn is different. She brings a different skill to the table. It is really difficult to pinpoint what the skill and differentiator is. I think that it comes from her ability to really get inside your mind and really probe, and allow you to do that in a place that is totally non-threatening. In a place that allows you to be reflective of both what great gifts you have, and also areas that you could and should improve. She depersonalizes it, you are a wonderful person, you know that going in. She allows you to believe that, but we’re going to work on some skills, that you, as a wonderful person, can benefit from.”


Founder & Chief Executive Storyteller at Brandspank Retail Marketing

How would you describe Carolyn’s speaking style?

“I loved her energy. Carolyn is the type of person that commands respect because of her knowledge, but I think she connects with people because of how open she is.”

“If you are looking to have that connection, engagement, chatter and people opening up, then Carolyn is the type of speaker you want to have. That’s what makes the event come alive, that’s what makes it a success.”

What was the impact of Carolyn’s presentation?

“We were more comfortable in sharing more and getting more. In any session where you want to get planning done, you really have to break through your barriers to really get down to the crux of what the business problem is, the emotional problem is, the HR problem. So once we really felt comfortable enough to go deeper, we got breakthroughs. What Carolyn did as a facilitator was allowed us and made us feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable.”


General Manager of Human Resources at BC SCPA

What stood out to you about Carolyn?

“She is aligned with our values, she speaks from the heart, and she is very real.”

What is unique about Carolyn as a speaker?

“We found Carolyn to be very engaging as a speaker.  She had people participating, she had people laughing, she was very authentic in the stories she told. Very engaging and entertaining.”

What would you say to meeting planners who are thinking about hiring Carolyn as a speaker?

“For anyone who may be thinking about hiring Carolyn, I would say to engage in the conversation with her. She’s very flexible, she wants to hear what you want to achieve, she is more than willing to tailor her presentation to make sure that you get what you need for your specific organization.”



Jeff Scott

President & CEO at Fraser Surrey Docks LP

“Carolyn has made my job easier by giving me a better appreciation of how employees act and behave based upon their emotional tolerances. It has given me better appreciation that when I communicate and I understand how someone is going to listen, I change my behaviour. So I communicate differently, so it is much more effective when I communicate. When I had communicated in the past, and I was getting frustrated, or I felt like I wasn’t getting through, now through my understanding of how they learn, how they listen, through their emotional intelligence. It allows me to get through more effectively. So we have the connections we didn’t have before. That saves me time. It saves me effort. It reduces frustration and it allows me to be more productive and efficient in my interactions with staff. I can focus on more important, or other things, in terms of running the business and moving the business forward.”

Wade Pugh

VP of Foodservice & Hospitality Division at Chewter’s Chocolates

” I would definitely recommend Carolyn to other companies because what we did learn about each other here, really, you know, made us all closer together, from one perspective. But also made the team more of a group. I really do feel like that after we had our sessions and after we started to use the work that we did together with Carolyn, it really made me feel closer to people. That is what is important to me and I think it is important to a lot of the people here.”

Mike Leonard

Senior Vice President of Employee Relations at BCMEA

“She makes it enjoyable, as painful as it can be. She does push you through your comfort zones and she does it in a way that consistently delivers results. She really has the ability to bring the best out of you and challenge you, but to do it in a way that is progressive.”

Michell Pugh

Design & Fabrication at Chewter’s Chocolates

“For me what I found the most helpful from Carolyn, is the way that she [trained] was that she really got the most, she didn’t let up for something, she really challenged us. If we were not getting the most out of it, then she made sure that she challenged and got the most out of us. It wasn’t something that was just laid back, it was really helpful and meaningful.”

Jill Buchanan

Director of Human Resources & Communications at Fraser Surrey Docks

“Carolyn’s ability to make people feel comfortable really helps a business in that it allows people to be vulnerable, be open, show what they have to offer. We don’t want cookie-cutter employees, we want to leverage people strengths and having the comfort to talk about who you really are and what you bring to the table has really benefited our organization.”

Rob Greenhow

Chocolatier at Chewter’s Chocolates

“The training with Carolyn, the tips and tricks that she taught you on how to calm down, take a step back and think about things, it really helped me as a leader so I can communicate more effectively.”

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Carolyn Stern is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in helping professionals get unstuck. As a lifelong learner and academic, Carolyn is a university professor, corporate trainer, certified Emotional Intelligence Expert and professional speaker. 

Carolyn’s passion is teaching emotional intelligence, leadership and team building in the workplace. She drives individuals and corporations to learn how to connect authentically, communicate effectively and thrive collectively by interviewing emotional intelligence along the way. 

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