Emotional intelligence changed my life for the better, so a few years ago I thought others might also benefit from this kind of learning as I did. Therefore, I developed a live training program called Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

I started offering it to corporations as a corporate training program and individuals focused on self-development through a continuing education course offered at Capilano University.

To promote the course, I made a promotional whiteboard animation video and put it on YouTube.



A few years later, the video has now become one of the highest-ranking videos on YouTube on the topic of emotional intelligence, and since then, I received thousands of requests from all over the world to take the course.

For some individuals, to fly me to their country and teach the course to them live was cost-prohibitive.  Therefore, I decided to build a series of online training programs so that this kind of learning would be accessible to all people from all over the world.

I spent a year and a half building 8 different emotional intelligence online training programs, it’s been my labour of love, my baby, so to speak.

I got so much pleasure working on my passion, that I want others to figure out what they are passionate about and start putting their energy and effort into making their passion work for them.

However, many people are not clear on what they are truly passionate about.  So, in today’s Carolyn Talks, I discuss three tips to find out what your passion is.

Find Your Passion

Take 5 seconds: ask yourself what you love to do.  What makes you happy, and how do your own unique values influence what motivates you to keep pressing forward?

Sometimes we get so busy with our daily grinds that we neglect the things that make us happy – so much so, we often forget what those things are.  Sometimes, we keep these ideas buried deep inside. I’ve compiled a few ideas to reintroduce you to yourself, by using emotional intelligence.

Try these three innovative suggestions to refresh your passions and rediscover what makes you happiest, and how you’re going to achieve it.

Video Transcript

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Hi. My name’s Carolyn Stern and welcome to Carolyn Talks, the channel to watch if you want to get unstuck, maximize your potential, and achieve more. Today I wanted to talk to you about what I’ve been doing for the last year and half. I’ve been putting my labor where my love is. Emotional intelligence changed my life. If you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ll know that I was able to lose 100 pounds because of emotional intelligence. I was able to finally understand what emotion I was feeling and what I was eating about.

I realized that others might be struggling with that problem or something else. I developed a series of online video and training programs and I’ve made them available and created a business for it.

So many people are stuck not realizing what their passion is. How do you figure that out?

Here are three quick tips to find out what you’re passionate about.

Number one-figure out what you value. Values are your guiding principles that take you through life. Walt Disney once said, “when your values become clear, making decisions becomes easier.”

If you go online to my website, I have a free values worksheet that you can download, and you can determine what you value the most.

Number two-think about what you enjoy to do. So many of my clients don’t even remember what they enjoy to do, even though it sounds like an easy question. Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do, and inject some child-like fun into your day.

Number three-create a vision board. What’s a vision board?

It’s a collection of images and inspiring words. It’s a vivid picture of how you see your life in the next year, five years, ten years. Place it in your house or in your workplace in a prominent location, whether that’s in your desk drawer, on your bathroom mirror, or in front of your treadmill in your gym.

There you have it. Three quick tips to find out what you are passionate about. Figure out what you value, determine what you enjoy, and create a vision board.

Now my question is for you. What do you do to find out what you’re passionate about?

Sometimes the best discussions happen after the episode, so please leave a comment below. If you need a little extra inspiration, check out this golden nugget and I’ll see you on the next Carolyn Talks.