In this Mastery Program – Leading with Emotional intelligence – A Guide for Professionals that Want to Get Unstuck, we work through the EQ-i 2.0® model developed by Multi-Health Systems (MHS), consisting of 15 emotional intelligence competencies within the five composite scales of Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management.



This leading with emotional intelligence program encompasses all of the content from each of the six minor programs. It provides a comprehensive program that takes the learner through each minor course module to ensure an all-inclusive learning and developmental experience.


  • Gain an extensive understanding of emotional intelligence (EI) and how it impacts you; recognizing how EI relates to leadership effectiveness; learning the difference between IQ and EQ; understanding how your brain works with EI and discovering the EQ-i 2.0 model.
  • Enhance your self-perception through recognizing factors that limit your self-regard and where you are unfulfilled; exploring how self-actualization relates to creativity and innovation; analyzing how you are perceived by others; and learning how to identify your emotions and the meaning behind your feelings.
  • Boost your self-expression through learning how to choose the right words and appropriately recognizing when to adjust your perspective; discovering the do’s and don’ts associated with exercising your assertiveness; and learning how to balance your independence.
  • Broaden your interpersonal skills by developing your relationship-building toolkit; investigating verbal and non-verbal communication; enhancing your ability to empathize with others and adapt your point of view; and learning how social responsibility impacts your sense of self-purpose.
  • Improve your decision making by learning an 8-step framework for problem-solving; exploring the importance of thinking big picture; discovering a technique for root cause analysis; learning to think objectively; and gaining an understanding of how to regulate your emotions.
  • Developing your stress management by exploring how different environments impact your flexibility; understanding the difference between accepting and approving of change; recognizing the importance of stress-relieving activities; accepting negativity as a waste of time; and discovering 10 steps that will help you avoid negative thought patterns.


In all three programs, the Mini-Class, the Minor Program Packages, and the Mastery Program, your employees are going to learn the secrets essential to becoming more effective leaders and to achieve greater success and happiness.

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