Boosting Your

Self-Expression With EI

Boost your self-expression with this online program which is split up into six videos. This course describes the three competencies which make up the self-expression composite:  emotional expression, assertiveness and independence. You will discover how effectively you are able to communicate how you are feeling to others which can help avoid speculation and misperceptions from colleagues.

Course Description

This course focuses on how you can use the self-expression competencies to communicate in a way that is understood, respected and well-received by your superiors, peers and subordinates.

Over six videos, this program covers emotional expression, assertiveness and independence. You will discover how to effectively communicate your feelings and thoughts and learn to identify your communication barriers that may be leading to a slew of misconceptions, miscommunications, and mishaps at work.

This course uses exercises, activities, and reflection pieces to help you identify and practice enhancing each competency within the self-expression composite scale. You will learn the competencies that impact your conversations, influence, and portrayal as a leader and help identify how to improve your communication skills.

Program Overview

Boost your self-expression with emotional intelligence by learning how to express your feelings and emotions. You’ll discover how to communicate well with others, so they aren’t left speculating, and you will understand how effective communication can positively impact your relationships.

Learning Objectives

Learn five essential tips to follow when expressing your feelings to ensure comprehension.

Grasp the importance of choosing the right words when communicating your feelings to ensure comprehension with whom you are speaking to.

Discover the do’s and don’ts associated with exercising your assertiveness.

Explore how your opinions and viewpoints may be impacting your assertiveness and recognize when to adjust your perspective.

Recognize how to balance your independence to gain empowerment in yourself, but not in a way that will alienate others.