Over six video lessons, this program covers self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness. Learning how to improve self-perception will help you gain awareness of how you perceive yourself and how well you present yourself to others. This helps by positively affecting how we conduct ourselves in personal and business relationships and makes us more aware of how we are presenting information to others.

This course targets exercises, activities, and reflection pieces to help you identify and practice ways to enhance each competency within the self-perception composite scale. This program identifies the competencies that impact your confidence, fulfillment and awareness as a leader and delves into how each of these competencies can be used to increase your personal and interpersonal effectiveness.


Recognize factors that are limiting your self-regard and learn how to challenge your negative self-talk and beliefs.
Figure out where you are unfulfilled in your work and life and discover ways to inject more enjoyment into your life.
Gain an understanding of how enhancing your self-actualization will enable you to be more creative, innovative and open-minded in the workplace.
Analyze the differences between your emotional self-awareness and how others perceive you.
Build the ability to identify your emotions and comprehend the meaning behind them.

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Why is learning about emotional intelligence so important in the workplace? Being attuned to your emotions, understanding them and taking the appropriate action, can increase success in all areas of life, in particular, job...

Emotional Intelligence: From the Classroom to the Boardroom

EQ in the Workplace When it comes to hiring, many companies regard emotional intelligence—or EI—as important as technical ability and even go so far as to do EQ testing on candidates for jobs. Emotions can provide valuable information about how we...

Leading With Emotional Intelligence Course

We have designed an online training platform that can be tailored to meet your specific learning objectives. Every member in your organization is unique and will have different learning needs, which is why our online programs are beneficial for your diverse team....

Enhancing Your Emotional Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness Self-improvement is impossible without self-awareness; it’s the starting point.   Understanding your own needs, beliefs, desires, strengths, weaknesses – everything that makes you tick; everything that makes you unique is critical.  The more you...

The Key to Opening Doors

How many people do you know who are highly intelligent and brilliant but have not succeeded in their professional or personal lives? How many times have you come across an employee or co-worker who has excellent technical skills but is incapable of listening or...

Building Soft Skills in Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Education While the education system tries to ensure that all students learn the essentials – the 3 R’s – Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic, there is very little emphasis placed on building soft skills or emotional intelligence....

How Trump’s Promise for Change Trumped Emotional Intelligence

With the US 2016 Presidential Election results in, and Donald Trump now officially the President-Elect of the United States, the question that so many are wondering…why did so many Americans overlook many of Trump’s emotionally unintelligent flaws and vote for...

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