5 steps to greatness

The five steps outlined in this e-book will help you get unstuck, and are the starting point for becoming extraordinary.


Managing people is no longer just about supervision, and ‘resting on your laurels’ of being a productivity expert. Managing others is about being a leader that people want to follow. However, that’s easier said than done; leading others is not straightforward.

How can you be that great leader that people will follow?

Leadership in today’s environment is all about inspiring, motivating, and igniting passion in others. In addition to increasing productivity and employee engagement, this helps attract and retain top talent. When were we actually taught in school how to inspire and ignite passion in others? The answer is simple – we weren’t.

As an educator, I know what is taught in school and what is not. Even if you are enrolled in business, and might have been taught leadership skills such as networking, facilitation, and presentation skills, all too often we don’t teach students exactly how to motivate others. We talk about the importance of motivation, but when do we actually show students how to influence others?

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